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Tamotsu Hiiro

Although we were faced with various issues in 2023 such as the sudden weakening of the yen and soaring raw material prices from the second half of 2022, we worked on price revisions and the enhancement of our hiring activities, and at the same time, made united efforts, with our restaurant crew playing major roles, to improve our QSC and convenience for our customers.

These efforts brought about all-store sales of 777.7 billion yen, marking the eight consecutive year of growth, an operating income of 40.8 billion yen, an operating income ratio of 10.7% and ROE of 11.6%. We achieved the three-year financial target set in our Medium-Term Management Plan published in 2022 in two years. We owe this success to your understanding and support. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude.

In 2024, we will keep up our efforts to enhance our QSC and provide convenient services to improve customer satisfaction. We will also continue to invest for our sustainable growth to improve our corporate value.

Thank you so much for your exceptional and unwavering support.

March 2024
Tamotsu Hiiro
Representative Director, President and CEO
McDonald’s Holdings Company (Japan), Ltd.
Tamotsu Hiiro