• History


1971 May Established the company (now known as Japan McDonald's Holdings Co., Ltd.)
June Opened “Hamburger University” to enhance people development
July Opened the first restaurant (Ginza restaurant) on July 20 at ground floor of Tokyo Ginza Miitsukoshi department store
Menu such as “Hamburger”, “Cheeseburger”, “Filet-O-Fish”, “Big Mac”, “Mc French Fries”, “Apple pie”, and “ McShake” were offered
1973 March Started a campaign with a unified theme of “AJINA KOTOYARU (do it in style) McDonald’s”
1975 December System-wide annual sales exceeded 10 billion yen
1976 February Opened Makiminato (Okinawa prefecture), the company’s first franchised restaurant in Japan
December Opened Kisarazu (Chiba prefecture), the company’s 100th restaurant in Japan
1977 March Japan Agricultural Standards (JAS) is enacted, and McDonald’s beef patty receives ‘Grade A’ certification
October Opened Kanpachi-takaido (Tokyo), Japan’s first restaurant equipped with a full-scale drive-thru system (“Kanpachi Takaido restaurant”, Suginami ward, Tokyo)
1978 October Adopted the POS system
October Opened Enoshima (Kanagawa prefecture), the 5,000th restaurant in the world
1980 May Started a campaign with a unified theme of “SEKAI-NO KOTOBA McDonald’s (McDonald’s is the globally known word)”
December System-wide annual sales exceeded 50 billion yen
1981 July Opened Yokoyama-Motomachi (Kanagawa prefecture), the company’s 300th restaurant
November Received Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize in Food Service Industry Division in recognition of establishing hamburger industry in Japan, building management system for fast food stores, and contribution in improvement of dietary habits
1982 December System-wide annual sales exceeded 70.2 billion yen, ranking top in sales in food service industry
1984 February Introduced “Chicken Mc Nugget” on a national scale
April Started a campaign with a unified theme of “OISHII EGAO McDonald’s (Tasty Smile McDonald’s)”
October System-wide annual sales exceeded 100 billion yen
1985 February Introduced breakfast menu
August Opened Yoga-Interchange (Tokyo), the company’s 500th restaurant
1987 November “Thank You Set” receives a “New Word & Buzz Word Prize” public award
1989 March Offered “Teriyaki Mac Burger”
April Offered “Bacon Lettuce Burger”
June Started a campaign with a unified theme of “DAKARA… McDonald’s (After all…it’s McDonald’s)”
1991 December Achieved annual sales of 200 billion yen, first time in food service industry
1993 July Opened Mizuho-Dori (Aichi prefecture), the company’s 1,000th restaurant
1995 August Celebrated the 10th sponsorship year of “All-Japan school child rubber baseball tournament” and change its name to “McDonald’s Tournament”, a nationwide event
1996 July July 20 was selected to celebrate the “Hamburger Day”
November Opened Daikoku Parking Area (Kanagawa prefecture), the company’s 2,000 restaurant in the Metropolitan Expressway parking area
1999 April Founded Donald McDonald House Charities Japan Den Fujita (now known as Ronald McDonald House Charities Japan)
August Opened Kanpachi-Otorii (Tokyo), the company’s 3,000th restaurant
2000 February Initiated the “Weekdays Smile” program
“Hamburger” and “Cheese Burger” at half price of 65yen and 80yen each during weekdays
2001 July Lists company on JASDAQ market
December Opened the first “Donald McDonald House” in Japan (“Setagaya House” in Setagaya ward, Tokyo / an accommodation facility next to a hospital to support sick children and their families)
2002 March Den Fujita assumes the office of Representative Director, Chairman. Yasuyuki Yagi assumes the office of Representative Director, President .
July Changed the corporate name to “McDonald’s Holdings Company (Japan), Ltd.” and newly established “McDonald’s Company (Japan), Ltd.” a wholly owned subsidiary company. Increased capital to 24,113,770,000 yen
2003 September Started “i'm lovin' it”, a worldwide campaign
2004 February Eiko Harada assumes the office of Representative Director,CEO
December Introduced “Made For You (MFY)”, an made-to-order cooking system
2005 March Implemented “McDonald’s Eco Campaign” to call for garbage reduction at all restaurants in Aichi prefecture during the Aichi Expo
April Two courses of 'Hamburger University' are certified as "YES - program" for Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry of junior employment foundation ability support project
July Launched “Food Education Hour”, a food education website for children as part of CSR activities
2006 April Enhanced 24hour operation with stronger focus on drive-thru restaurants
June Received the 14th Best Food Service Business Operator Award Project
Received Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize in environmental conscious division
November Marked the 5th year of McDonald’s “World Children’s Day.” Donated 164 million yen to Ronald McDonald House Charities collected mainly by the Happy Meal One Yen Donation and donation boxes at McDonald’s restaurants
December Renewed annual all-store sales for the first time in five years (441,516 million yen)
2007 January A record hit of “Mega Mac” offered for a limited time
Renewed the daily all-store sales on Sunday, January 14 (2,447 million yen)
March Achieved new record sales in three categories of daily, monthly and yearly
September Sponsored team minus 6% “CO2 1kg Reduction per person per day” support campaign
October Opens “Studio M”, a comprehensive research institute to study and verify quality, service and new products
December Annual sales volume of Happy Meal Set exceeded 100 million units for the first time in company history
2008 February Introduces “Premium Roast Coffee”; enjoy a premium coffee time with 100yen Mac
November Opened “QUARTER POUNDER SHOP” for a limited time period in Omotesando, Shibuya
Introduces “QUARTER POUNDER” as regular menu item from the Kanto region
December All-store sales exceeded 500 billion yen for the first time in Japan’s food service industry
Established a new record in number of Happy Meal sales, exceeding 1.2 million units in one day
2009 February Selected as an official partner of All Japan team for World Baseball Classic TM and backed up the All Japan team through the “Support Campaign”
April Opened “QUARTER POUNDER SHOP 428” for two days only at Shibuya Toei Plaza restaurant in celebration of the national launch of “QUARTER POUNDER.” Renewed daily restaurant sales (12.45 million yen) on Wednesday, April 29 (holiday)
June Nation-wide introduction of “Mac de DS”, a new McDonald’s service using the “Nintendo DS®”
Special sponsorship for “Delicious and Eating Scientific Exhibition” and held events related to food education
December Yui Nakayama, a restaurant crew in Tokyo won the right to compete in the “Voice of McDonald’s 2010” global competition
2010 January Introduced “Big America” campaign and offered “Texas Burger”, “New York Burger”, “California Burger”, and “Hawaiian Burger” for a limited time
Renewed daily all-store sales on Sunday, January 17 (2,813,140,000 yen)
March Introduces restaurant-wide smoke-free in the Kanagawa prefecture (fully closed-off smoking rooms for some restaurants).
Started on Monday, March 1, 2010 at 298 restaurants and expands to other prefectures.
2010 FIFA World Cup™ South Africa Games
Selected eleven “McDonald’s Escort Kids”
June Participated in Ministry of the Environment’s “Challenge 25 / Light Down Campaign”
Achieved monthly all-store sales record on August 2010 (51,392,000,000yen)
November McDonald's Original Calendar “Pokémon Calendar 2010” was certified as “World's Most Popular Calendar” by Guinness World Record
Osaka Prefecture and McDonald’s restaurants, listed as selected areas of "Ministry of the Environment Challenge 25 Regional Development Project" launched a verification project to reduce CO2 by 25%
December Launches McDonald’s official app for smartphones from December
2011 April Completed introduction of McCafe “Specialty Coffee” in about 2,500 restaurants nationwide
Opened Nonoichi-Shinjo (Ishikawa prefecture), Japan’s first new generation design drive-thru restaurant
June Implemented “Power Saving Campaign” for 160,000 McDonald's crew nationwide in preparation for power shortage during summer season
October Became the first volunteer sponsor of Tokyo Marathon and supported approximately 10,000 “TEAM SMILE” volunteer staff of “2012 Tokyo Marathon”
2012 March Celebrated the 10th anniversary of presenting security whistles to all grade 1 students in 47 prefectures nationwide, and distributed 874,260 whistles
April Implemented a joint campaign with Japan Newspaper Association at one selected restaurant in each of the 47 prefectures. Offered a free newspaper morning edition to customers who made a purchase.
June Selected five “London Olympic McDonald’s All Japan Crew” from 170,000 crew nationwide to offer best service in London.
2013 January Presented a free Big Mac at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide to all who reached the age of 20 years old as part of “Coming of Age Day Campaign”
June Implemented “”BITE! QUARTER POUNDER” Project” to create a new QUARTER POUNDER world
July Implemented “QUARTER POUNDER JEWELRY”, a one day only and limited quantity campaign, the first in McDonald’s history
August Sarah L. Casanova assumes office of Representative Director, President and CEO, McDonald’s Company (Japan), Ltd.
2014 April Distributed 890,000 security whistles, the highest ever, to grade 1 students at 47 prefectures nationwide
May Implemented “2014 FIFA World Cup™ Campaign” from Tuesday, May 27
June Dispatched 11 “McDonald’s Escort Kids”, selected from 9,964 boys and girls applicants nationwide, to the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ Brazil Tournament.
Entered the field hand in hand with players on Friday, June 20 (Japan vs. Greece)
July Enhanced actions to offer products that are safe and offer peace of mind. Disclosed a more detailed information of country of origin and took additional measures on quality control system
August Opened “Let’s Talk about Quality Control” (now known as McDonald’s All About Q&A) Q&A website as part of actions to ensure safety and peace of mind (http://qna.mcdonalds.co.jp/)
Source all chicken from Thailand and resumes sales of “CHICKEN CRISP”, “Chicken Crisp McMuffin” and “Chicken Egg Muffin” nationwide from Monday, August 11
November Sales of “2015 YOUKAI CALENDAR” exceeded 1.5 million copies in the first two weeks
2015 April Implemented “Smile Socks Campaign”, a charity promotion program as part of Donald McDonald House 40th anniversary. “Smile Socks” were offered to customers who donated 300yen or more at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide.
Launches “KODO”, a smartphone app that connects customers and restaurants on Tuesday, April 21 at nationwide restaurants
May Initiates “Mom’s Eye Project” as part of disclosure initiatives on food safety and peace of mind
Introduces new products with more vegetables and easy to understanding price setting and menu board, starting from “McSmile Day” on Monday, May 25
October Launched three types of “Otegoro Mac” new burgers as part of regular menu from Monday, October 26
Major overhaul of company’s official website with a disclosure of detailed information on individual products. Prints product package with a large and readily noticeable ‘QR code’ to provide access to company website.
2016 February Offered ”Name It Burger” from Tuesday, February 2, the first approach in McDonald’s Japan’s history. Officially named as “Kitano Iitoko Gyutto Burger” from a total of 5,016,926 customer suggestions.
March Opened “Myself in the Future”, a special website from Wednesday, March 16 including “Join the Crew Campaign” anime series following a novice crew on her journey to grow
June Launched “McDonald’s Ura Menu” for the first time in company history, offering 285 ways of fun including three different toppings, from Wednesday, June 15 at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide
July McDonald’s Japan signed sole launch partnership for the “Pok_mon GO”
August Seven “McDonald’s Olympic Kids” selected from about 4,000 applicants nationwide marched at the Rio de Janeriro Olympics opening ceremony
Japan representatives of McDonald’s “Olympic Champion Crew” shines at the special-setup Olympic Village McDonald’s restaurant
September Launches “Value Lunch”, a value meal available during weekday lunch hours. Introduced new menu board and new counter top menu. Revamped drink cup and paper bag designs.
October Offered “Texas Burger” and “Bacon Potato Pie” as part of “Your Love! A Big Revival 45th Anniversary Campaign”
November Offered “Cheese Cutlet Burger” as third item of “Your Love! A Big Revival 45th Anniversary Campaign”
Offered “Kalbi Mac” as fourth item of “Your Love! A Big Revival 45th Anniversary Campaign”
2017 January The 1st McDonald's General Election was held from January 6. Double Cheese won the 1st place and Triple Cheese Burger was released for limited period of time from February 1 to carry out the campaign pledge.
March McDonald's Made for You, a made-to-order kitchen system, won the ""Food Industry Mottainai Award: MAFF
Food Industry Affairs Bureau Director Award"" for food loss reduction.
The d-Point service was launched at McDonald's on Wednesday, March 1 to improve convenience at its restaurants. The Rakuten Super Point service was introduced on June 1 and customers became able to pay by e-money including nanaco and Suica from Tuesday, August 1. The credit card settlement service was introduced on Monday, November 20. McDonald's increased the convenience of payment by accepting more e-currencies.
April Three sandwiches of the Gran series made with authentic thicker 100% beef patties were launched on Wednesday, April 5 as the 1st new permanent beef menu item in 8 years at McDonald's.
May "McFlurry Morinaga Milk Caramel, a collaboration with Morinaga Milk Caramel, was offered for a limited period of time from Wednesday, May 31.
McShake x Calpis® was sold for limited period of time from Wednesday, June 21, followed in succession by McFlurry Black Thunder from Wednesday, August 16, McShake Chelsea from Wednesday, September 13 and McFlurry Panapp Grape from Wednesday, October 25."
June A delivery service UberEAT was introduced in 33 McDonald's restaurants in Tokyo to further enhance customers' convenience.
August Mac or Makudo?: The 1st official tastiness showdown to decide the nickname of McDonald's, the "East and West Showdown" campaign, started on Wednesday, August 9. Tokyo Roast Beef Burger was released representing the Mac team and Osaka Beef Cutlet Burger representing the Makudo team for a limited period of time, and the Makudo team won! A part of the company's official website was translated into the Kansai dialect for a limited period of time.
September The 1st renewal of Tsukimi Burger in its 26-years history! Tsukimi Burger II was sold for a limited period of time from Wednesday, September 6 and a new sandwich made with double beef patties, Gesshoku Burger, was released in a limited quantity from Friday, September 29, the Meat Day
October McHappy Day, a charity activity conducted on an annual basis in several nations, was carried out on October 22 for the time in Japan. McDonald's contributed 50 yen for each Happy Meal sold and a total of 40,361,395 yen including money contributed in donation boxes in the McDonald's restaurants went to the Ronald McDonald House Charities.