• Business and Strengths

Business and Strengths

Since opening the first restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo in 1971, McDonald’s Japan has grown into a hamburger restaurant “born in the United States and raised in Japan”. With now approximately 2,900 restaurants nationwide, they include both franchise-owned and operated restaurants and those under direct management. McDonald’s Japan is a leading company in Japan’s food service industry with approximately 1.3 billion customers visiting annually.

Restaurant Management System

The corporate philosophy of McDonald’s is to meet the expectations of customers through providing the QSC & V (Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value) that was envisioned by Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s Corporation.
Efforts are made every day to improve QSC & V to provide customers with warm, freshly prepared food through the best service in a clean and bright atmosphere to enable them to have restaurant experiences that exceed their expectations. To make this a reality, a global restaurant management system is in place.

Safety/Quality/ Hygiene control

At McDonald’s, food quality is being assured through a Food Management System to continuously offer safe products with the best taste and quality. From the sourcing to the restaurant operations, appropriate standards are set for each process and are constantly being controlled and operated in an optimal manner.

Supply Chain

With advantage in the size of our business globally with over 36,000 restaurants worldwide, McDonald’s Japan has established a supply chain infrastructure that enables stable sourcing of ingredients of the highest quality at low prices. This enables McDonald’s Japan to offer customers delicious food at reasonable prices.

Development of People

Our signature training program is offered through Hamburger University to our approximately 140,000 crew all over Japan.
Our framework and methods of training people on providing customers the highest QSC is one of the greatest strengths of McDonald’s.