• Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

On Gift-Giving and Entertainment

Our business is founded on the principle to act with integrity and to remain a trusted presence in line with our Code of Conduct and Our Values. In order to build healthy and transparent business relationships with our business partners, we prohibit our employees from accepting entertainment, treats, or gifts, including year-end and mid-year gifts, from our business partners beyond the extent of regular business practices. In addition, our employees are prohibited from requesting any gift, entertainment, or treats from our business partners.

Therefore, if an employee wishes to accept a business partner’s offer of entertainment or treats, e.g., golf, dining, or sports viewing, the employee is required to report the matter to and obtain approval from the responsible Officer in advance. Similarly, any and all gifts received must be reported to the responsible Officer.

Please also note that the acts of accepting the following types of gifts, entertainment, and treats is prohibited:

  • - Receiving money, cash vouchers, etc.
  • - Accepting the offers of entertainment or treats from the same business partner on more than two occasions within one year.
  • - Receiving transportation and lodging expenses when accompanying business partners on business trips, etc.
  • - Receiving other personal favors from business partners.

Last but not least, in our relationship with franchisees, accepting any gifts, entertainment, or treats, e.g., eating and drinking, golf, etc., is strictly prohibited.

Thank you very much in advance for your understanding of the purpose of the above policy and for your continued cooperation to ensure compliance.